Meet the Team



Mrs BO is a wife, mom, writer, mentor, innovator, daughter of God. After more than two decades of professional work on Philippine TV and cinema, she is now the founder of Olivia Women and author of devotional materials.

Next to Jesus, she says that she cannot live without her husband, son, and good coffee. She absolutely loves caramel apples and hates small talk. She blogs marriage, motherhood, and travels, on

I’m most confident when I think less of myself and more of God.

I’m called to innovate ways to reach the lost and develop ideas that further the causes of God!

Chrina Cuna-Henson


Chrina has been working in the field of media since 2008. She started her career hosting and producing news, lifestyle, and livestream shows for an online video channel.  Today, she and her husband Jon, work with a Singapore based creative agency called Cozeh by ROHEI Corp. Above all, Chrina is passionate about pursuing Jesus and encouraging women to do the same.

For fun, Chrina and Jon share a lifestyle journal called where they blog about their travels, food adventures, and journey of faith.

I’m most confident when I draw my identity and strength from Jesus. 

I’m called to walk intimately with God and to pursue Him daily.

Ronna Capili-Bonifacio


Ronna is a writer, columnist, and editor who has worked in magazine and digital publishing for almost 10 years. She and her husband Bojo, a kids pastor, have two small children, Vera and Mateo.

When Ronna isn’t looking for crayon bits inside a toddler mouth or watching impromptu concerts, she attempts to read for fun. She is #littlegirlwrites, because she proudly stands at 5 feet–when wearing 4-inch heels. Follow her blog at

I’m most confident after praying, with a bit of help from heels and red lipstick.

I’m called to write and tell stories, to help others tell and refine their stories, and to prepare the way for Jesus’ wondrous light.

Larissa Joson

Style Editor

Larissa Joson has built a career on creating stories. Before joining Olivia as style editor, the 25-year-old spent four years working as a beauty and features editor with the Philippine editions of Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health. She is currently the brand manager of skin-caring makeup brand Happy Skin and recently edited Hot Sos, a fitness book by celebrity Solenn Heussaff.

Iya, as her family and friends like to call her, is a self-confessed Martha trying to live more like Mary. Follow her life @iyaislarissa.

I’m most confident when I know I am doing God’s work.

I’m called to use my gift of writing to glorify the Lord.

Maura Alvero

Brand Director

Maura is the co-founder and creative director of Vela Manila, a cultural enterprise that highlights handwoven indigenous textiles. She also works as a freelance brand strategist and a business consultant.

Her special ability is to shift from the fast paced entrepreneurial world to an instant advocate of slow living. She loves home cooked meals, specialty coffee, photography, coming home to her hometown in Zambales and spending days by the ocean. You may follow her at @mauraalvero.

I’m most confident when I am rooted and grounded–just being.

I’m called to create, build and pioneer. 

Bianca Paraiso

Creative Director

Bianca is the co-founder and creative director of Prize and She is a creative by heart and an entrepreneur by choice. She brings with her a wide background in visual design, project management, account management and event planning.

On weekends, you can find her selling french fries and lemonade at food fairs or looking for sugar-free lollipops for the Olivia children. Follow her at @biancaparaiso.

I’m most confident when I know I’m at the center of God’s will.

I’m called to not make my life about me, but about Him. 

Photography: Sheila Catilo / Make Up: Make Up Forever