Real Women, Real Style: Greenery

One month after this website was launched, the Olivia Team found out that Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017 was Greenery—and we couldn’t help but shriek. With delight. How apt that the trendiest color of the year was already one of the main hues in Olivia’s color palette? More importantly, how fitting that what Greenery symbolizes—“a life-affirming shade,” says Pantone—is also what we hope women will come to find when they read Olivia? Stories that champion your life, your confidence, your calling.

But for all the positivity Greenery brings, we’ll also be the first to admit that it isn’t the easiest color to integrate into your look. Especially when you’re a fan of anything and everything monochromatic, the slight addition of Greenery can be a shock to your aesthetic. That’s why the Olivia Team—each one of us different in our shape, color, and style preferences—gives you a hand by taking the first go at green with this Greenery-themed Real Women, Real Style, where real women wear clothes and use products that suit the real lives we live.

Ronna Capili Bonifacio (Editor-in-Chief)

Ronna is a mom of two “little critters” who admits that she doesn’t wear a lot of color. “If it takes too much effort to figure out how I can wear it more often or how I can pair it with other pieces, I most likely won’t buy it,” she says.

If you can totally relate with Ronna, here’s a tip: inject Greenery into your beauty routine instead. “A change in nail polish is the easiest way to do this,” Ronna says. Here, she uses Meg x Solique Gel Polish in Army of Me.

Not a fan of colored polish? Ronna says, “Try Greenery on your eyes. The key is to pick the right shade—anything too minty will look costume-y, and if you have dark eyebags, something too olive will not work either. I used an emerald green eyeliner with a bit of shimmer, but applied it over a thin line of brown eyeliner to make it more wearable. If you want it to really pop, apply it all the way to your outer lower lashline and intensify it with green eyeshadow.”

Bianca Paraiso (Creative Director)

Bianca is a lover of all things “blue, gray, black, and white.” Sounds familiar? Pops of color, like Greenery, aren’t a norm in her aesthetic. “I don’t like drawing attention to myself and comfort is a must for me, so I like wearing understated, simple-yet-sophisticated outfits,” she says.

Still, even a monochrome fan like Bianca can find a way to subtly wear Greenery. Her tip: “Accessorize! You’ll have more control over how much color you want to wear. If you’re feeling a little more fun, start small by carrying a coffee tumbler with green details. If you’re feeling more adventurous than usual, use a green timepiece. Feeling exponentially daring? Tote a green bag.”

Mau Alvero (Brand Director)

For Mau, “blacks, grays, neutrals, and earth tones,” are more than enough color. “I like unconventional and laid-back clothes paired with sleek and minimalist pieces,” she says. But even she can get behind the Greenery trend.

“To match my monochromatic style, my strategy was to add subtle hints of Greenery not to my clothes, but to my accessories like my bag and jewelry. I wanted the Greenery to be less of a pop of color, but rather, something that will be a unique detail that blends with the overall tone of my outfit.”

Chrina Cuna-Henson (Co-Founder)

Though Chrina’s closet is generally filled with black, white, navy, and olive, she also keeps and wears “a few pops of color, depending on the season.”

“As much as I love Greenery, I felt like I needed to ease myself into wearing it so I don’t call too much attention to myself—or look like a leprechaun,” Chrina says. “Going for a floral pattern with strong Greenery accents was something that made the bold color less intimidating. I find that prints that include this year’s fresh shade of green are a lot more wearable on a daily basis. I also made it a point to opt for earthier accessories and makeup to balance the look.”

Larissa Joson (Style Editor)

I used to own a lot of color—pinks and royal blues in particular—and many pieces with floral patterns. But since my life has gotten more hectic, I’ve had to adjust by adding more black and navy to my look, because these colors don’t require much time to pair together. My other concern with bright colors and pretty patterns is that they’re sometimes too memorable—they can be hard to wear again. Even then, I will admit that a diehard color lover still lives in me.

Green isn’t my favorite pop of color, but there really is something so refreshing about this hue! I wore a top that practically screamed Greenery, but so I don’t go all out with color, I balanced things off by pairing it with more muted pieces like a navy skirt and a black bag. The green may be the highlight of this outfit, but since I chose to wear it with basics, it will be easier for me to dress it up in a different way for the next time I choose to wear it again.

Mrs BO (Founder)

Carla aka Mrs BO isn’t one to shy away from color. “I am usually in black, white, or dark blue, but with pops of bold colors,” she says. “Or I wear bold colors in classic cuts.”

She wore a shift dress that’s all out Greenery, but she kept it from looking too much by choosing a classic cut. “Even when I wore orange heels, it still didn’t look too avant-garde, because both my dress and shoes were in classic shapes. Which is also very me!” she says. “I am very bold, I love to experiment, I’m playful, but I don’t like getting weird or going too forward. The playfulness and the practicality have to find a way to work together. I also didn’t overdo the makeup and the hair—I say keep everything else low-key if you are already wearing something undeniably loud.”

How do you plan to integrate Greenery into your aesthetic this 2017?


Larissa Joson has built a career on creating stories. Before joining Olivia as style editor, the 25-year-old spent four years working as a beauty and features editor in women's lifestyle magazines. She is currently the brand manager of skin-caring makeup brand Happy Skin and recently edited Hot Sos, a celebrity fitness book. Iya, as her family and friends like to call her, is a self-confessed Martha trying to live more like Mary. Follow her life @iyaislarissa!