Real Women, Real Style: Modestly Chic

Real Women, Real Style: Modestly Chic

At this point, you could either be absolutely looking forward to or extremely dreading the inevitability of tomorrow—Valentine’s Day! Originally, we wanted this month’s Real Women, Real Style—where real women wear clothes and use products that suit the real lives we live—to be about different Valentine’s Day looks. After all, at Olivia, we celebrate women in every season, and the mix of our team backs this up. We have women who are married and single, and each of us has a special way of celebrating Valentine’s Day.

But since we wanted to give you, the Olivia Woman, something more enduring, we also thought to maximize our personal stories to talk about modesty. Whether we’re spending the 14th on a date with our husbands or having brunch with our friends, modesty is a state we constantly choose to embody—even beyond the 14th, actually. Although modesty can be reflected in how you dress and express, it is also so much more than length of your sleeves and how low your hemlines go. The Olivia Team takes on different angles on modesty, but one thing we are unanimous on is this: modesty is not outdated, nor is it boring.

Chrina Cuna-Henson (Co-Founder)

My outfit is perfect for Valentine’s Day, because… “Valentine’s and our wedding anniversary are only a week apart, and my husband and I normally go to a beach getaway or we have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. This off-shoulder dress is great for a date night, but it’s still modest. Fashion-wise, it’s a modern piece that has a pinch of Latina flair and a dash of Filipiniana elegance. I imagine it’s perfect for dinner on the beach or at a tapas bar.”

Modesty is…a reflection of true confidence. It is easier for a woman to dress modestly—but still fashionably—if she finds her confidence in Jesus, and not from showing off her body.”

Modesty is not… “old-fashioned! There are plenty of outfits that are modest, modern, and stylish.”

Chrina wears Plains & Prints Vessel off-shoulder dress (P2,198)

Larissa Joson (Style Editor)

My outfit is perfect for Valentine’s Day, because… “it’s so versatile. The off-shoulder sleeves lend a touch of sophistication, but I can still move around comfortably in it, because the bottom half of this playsuit is an ingenious skort! I see myself wearing this to a brunch with friends, and even to a date with my brother or dad.”

Modesty is… “in terms of dressing, always considering these two things: the appropriateness of what you are wearing and your own comfortability with it. It’s being secure and confident, because you know full well that you are completely at ease with how you look, and you are not dressing with the intention to please others.”

Modesty is not… “being unstylish. Being modest does not mean that you’re only left to dress in long skirts and dated tops.”

Larissa wears Plains & Prints Legolas playsuit (P1,998)

Ronna Capili Bonifacio (Editor-in-Chief)

My outfit is perfect for Valentine’s Day, because… “I am always in black, white, and its close relatives, and a change is something fun for a special occasion. Something new and bright, I hope, communicates to my husband that I am excited for our date. This dress can be worn during the day and in the evening, whether we’re having casual comfort food or a slightly fancier dinner. My husband usually surprises me, so for someone like myself who is not aware of what’s in store, this dress works perfectly.

Modesty is… “interesting. Style-wise, I have found it to be more fun to dress with this in mind and to challenge myself. It is also self-respect, and more importantly, understanding that my body is a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to the Lord (Romans 12:1).”

Modesty is not… “at all boring.”

Ronna wears Plains & Prints Lancer dress (P1,898)

Maura Alvero (Brand Director)

My outfit is perfect for Valentine’s Day, because… “the 14th is one of those rare moments when I wear color and heels! I can wear this to brunch with friends, which is how I always spend Valentine’s.”

Modesty is… “1 Peter 3:3-4. ‘Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear—but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.”

Modesty is not… “about seeking attention or vanity. Rather, it is the liberation from it.”

Maura wears Plains & Prints Mac culottes (P1,698)

Bianca Paraiso (Creative Director)

My outfit is perfect for Valentine’s Day, because… “it’s super comfortable! I’m going to have brunch with my girl friends and then have dinner with my relatives after, and this look isn’t too dressy, but it’s also not too casual. I think it says, ‘I’m not a big fan of this holiday, but let me wear something a little bit more exciting than usual.’ The peek-a-boo pleated detail makes it extra fun and festive, too!

Modesty is…being confident in your own skin without having to bare it all.

Modesty is not… “boring.”

Bianca wears Plains & Prints Azure dress (P1,898)

Mrs BO (Founder)

My outfit is perfect for Valentine’s Day, because… “it fits right into the balance of femininity and strength for me, which is the mix of what I feel when my husband is around me.”

Modesty is…a heart that chooses to protect oneself and others, and honor God, than be so remarkably dressed.

Modesty is not… “wearing skimpy clothes, but neither does it mean be conservative. It is all about being respectful—to oneself, others, and God.”

Mrs Bo wears Plains & Prints Ombre dress

Tell us: What is modesty for you?

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Larissa Joson has built a career on creating stories. Before joining Olivia as style editor, the 25-year-old spent four years working as a beauty and features editor in women's lifestyle magazines. She is currently the brand manager of skin-caring makeup brand Happy Skin and recently edited Hot Sos, a celebrity fitness book. Iya, as her family and friends like to call her, is a self-confessed Martha trying to live more like Mary. Follow her life @iyaislarissa!


  1. Blair Silva

    16 February

    I am totally moved and inspired by you Olivia women. I am an aspiring mommy writer too! I learn a lot about your blogs esp Mrs. BO i am an avid reader. More powers and God Bless!